Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dewa Athena

             Hello ! Now, I'm going to tell you about one of the event at my school. It's called Dewa Athena. Dewa Athena is one of the sports event at my school. It was held four days ago, 25th of March 2017 at Lapangan Bali. I felt so excited for this event. All of the students,from 10th graders until 11th graders can participate in this event or in this competition. For 10th graders it was held at 25th of March 2017 and 8th of April 2017. But, for 11th graders it was held at 23th and 24th of March 2017. Such as :
1. Gobak sodor,
2. Soccer,
3. Volleyball,
4. Estafet,
5. Dodgeball,
6. Tarik tambang,
7. Badminton, and
8. Basketball.

Cara Bermain Gobak Sodor
               First of all, we did the opening. I saw the committe was very busy to prepared Dewa Athena. We wore a jersey from each class. We gathered at 07.00 a.m. in Lapangan Bali. But, the competition started at 07.30 a.m. We went to soccer field for played gobak sodor competition. Unfortunately, we lost. The opponent of gobak sodor competition is X Science 10. Gobak sodor is one of the traditional game from Indonesia. Usually, this game is played at school during recess, in the afternoon, and this game certainly like to be played by children.

              The second competition is basket ball. Same as gobak sodor, my class lost in this competition. But, it's okay. We still had an experience in Dewa Athena. After we did a basketball competition, we went to soccer field again to did estafet competition. My friend, Aulia and Raissa joined the estafet competition. My another friend and I are the supporters.
                                    Hasil gambar untuk lari estafet

            Then, we played a soccer in the soccer field. We won that competition. My friend and I felt very happy. But, we must to played a soccer again with another opponent. Unfortunately, we lost.
After that, some of my classmates played a volleyball competition. The opponent in that competition is X Science 5.
                                      Hasil gambar untuk soccer

                And finally, it is the last competition. It's dodgeball. I wanted to joined that competition, but because I came late, I didn't have a chance to join the dodgeball competition. I felt sad. After that, we went to each house for rest. I felt so tired. Dewa Athena ends at 3.30 p.m.
                                    Hasil gambar untuk dodgeball



Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Learning from Nature

Ayesha Nur F
LM – Eng Wednesday / 28

Hello ! Now, I’m going to tell you, all about nature.

Learning from Nature
Hasil gambar untuk nature

             From the moment we open our eyes for the first time and throughout life we are learning constantly. We are primarily taught and inspired by teachers in school, our parents, friends, and others.
             The word of “nature” can have so many meanings.  Nature is life. It is underneath everything humans have created. According to me, nature is a place that all organism live.  When we that we are living on a living organism and that we are all a part of a nature, an interest for taking care of it and learn more appears.
              Ifyou find yourself exhausted and thrown off balance, a simple way to reconnect with yourself is to spend time in nature.
How to connect with nature ?
There are some simple ways to connect us to nature that we can do.
1.    Paint a picture of an animal, plants, and the other organism.
2.    Grow a local plant .
3.    Go for a walk.
4.    Visit a waste dump.
I have an experience that connecting me with nature. When I was 10 years old, I helped my mother and my father to grow a plant. I did it in my house.
As you know, this era already been globalized. So, we must to protect nature together. How to protect the nature?
1.    Save water. We must save the water when we didn’t use it. For example, when we take a bath, we shouldn’t to squandering the water.
2.    Second is, reduce packaging. The packaging can polluting the environment. Such as plastic, cardboard, and others.
3.    Then, cut off CFC.
4.    Change habits
5.    Reduce and reuse
Hasil gambar untuk nature

   From that ways to protect the nature, we have some benefits. The benefits are,
1.    Decrase O2.
  By planting a plant, we can decrase O2.
2.    Sources of inspiration
We can get a lot of inspiration from nature.
3.    Produce Oxygen
4.    Sharpens our senses
5.    And, stimulates our imagination
What lessons can we learn from nature? There are a lot of lessons can we learn from nature. Such as :
1.    Everything has a purpose
2.    God still always follow bad stuff
3.    Nature doesn’t hurry
4.    The best things truly are free.

Nature teaches us that for everything there is a season and right timing. Sometimes in our life we want certain things to happen right now. It is hard to wait for the fruits of our actions and we expect results immediately.
Nature teaches us to be humble. There is quiet strength in humility. Humility is needed in our everyday lives in many encounters we have with others.

Here are a few of my favourite inspirational quotes about the healing powers of nature. I hope they inspire you to re-connect to the planet and the power of Mother Earth on a daily basis.
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
-Albert Einstein-
The whole secret of the study of nature lies in learning how to use one’s eyes.

-George Sand-


1.    Verb 2 of break
2.    A point of time as measured in hours and minutes past midnight or noon
3.    Keep and stole up for future use
4.    An insect with two pairs of large wings that are covered
5.    A small cube with each side having a different number of spots on it
6.    A small circular band, typicall of precious metal and often set with one or more gemstones.
7.    Metal wind instruments with a single-reed mouthpiece
8.    A land or plane full of wonderful things
9.    Used to refer to anyperson in general
10. Cause harm or distress to
11. The process of increasing in physical size
12. A mild expression typically of surprise, symphaty, or enthusiasm
13. A southeast Asia nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands. The capital city is Jakarta.

1.    Imitate the sounds of a drum machine with the voice
2.    Have a meal
3.    A unit of linear measure equal to 3 feet
4.    A container with a flat base and sides
5.    The organ of hearing and balance in humans
6.    Past of give
7.    Verb 2 of see
8.    Be, remain, or be kept in a specified state
9.    A particular period of the past (an era)
10. Leave a place, usually permanently
11.  Moving or appearing to move away from a particular place
12.  The civil force of a national or local government
13. A motion picture


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Experience (Compliment Text)

My Cat Savior

            I have an experience that I feeling so grateful to someone. It was about two months ago. So, here is my story.
            One day, my cat is went out from home. My cat’s name is El. I’ve been searching for my cat about one hour. First, I  searched him inside my home. But, I didn’t found him. So, I tried to searched him around my neighbor house. But, I didn’t found him for twice. I feel so sad. I thought my cat is hiding in somewhere, so I decided to ate my breakfast first.

After I ate my breakfast, I went to search him again. I surrounded my complex, calling out his name. I heard a cat’s voice from the roof. Finally, I found my lovely cat on the top of my neighbor’s house. He want to go down, but he can’t. I tried to search the ladder for took my cat, but I didn’t find it. My neighbor’s house is under construction. So, no one inside the house. Then, a car passed next to me. A lady came to me, then she asked “Is that your cat?”. I said “Yes, ma’am”. “Oh, let me help you.”, said a lady. Then, she brought the ladder from her house. Her house is under the construction. She took my cat and gave him to me. I felt so grateful to her. I said thank you to her. “You’re welcome, he is such a cute cat!”, she said. “Hahaha, are you new residents in this complex?”, I asked her. “Yeah, I will move here in next 2 months.”, she answered my question. “Wow, it’s a long time.”, I said. “Oh, once again, thank you for helping me for took my cat. I feel so grateful to you. Without you , maybe I can’t take my cat until now.”, I said. “Hahaha, it’s my pleasure. You’re welcome!”, said her. Then, she asked me to came to her house. I wanted to came to her house, but I must to fed my cats in my house. So, I didn’t came to her house. I went to my house. But, when I got home, I didn’t realize to asked her name. Hopefully, in the next day, I can ask her name.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Most Memorable Holiday

The Most Memorable Holiday

Last holiday, at the end of the year, I spent my holiday at my home. I feel so bored. But sometimes, I went to tourist attraction or restaurant in Lembang or Dago Pakar. Other than that, I celebrated the new year’s eve in my uncle house at the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.
My first holiday, was on 24th of December 2016. On that day, I stayed at home until night. It was a boring day and also a lazy day for me. I didn’t have a chat buddies at home. My mother and my father went to department store to bought a lot of things for umrah. My first sister went to the mall with her friends and my second sister went to Jakarta. So, I cheered up myself with playing piano. I played the song “The Boy from Ipanema”. That song is my favorite song and that is the song that I never forget. I didn’t know why.
After I played the piano, I fed my cats and I also played with them.  I played with my cats for an hour. After that, I watched TV, youtube, played the video games, and listened to the music. Then, my parents arrived at home and bought me a dinner. I ate my dinner with my parents. Then, I watched the “Pitch Perfect” movie . In fact, I’ve watched that movie twice. But, I’ve watched that movie for a long long time ago.  So, I had forgotten a few scenes in that movie. Because of that, I decided to watched the “Pitch Perfect” movie for  the third time.  And I slept at 11.30 p.m.
On 31th of December 2016, I went to Jakarta by car. I went to my uncle’s house to celebrated the new year’s eve. My uncle’s house is located in Komp. Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat. It was the memorable experience, because all the members of my family can attended that event.
My family and I, had the barbeque. It was the most awaited moment for me. Beside that, my uncle and his nephew launched the fireworks. At 12 a.m. o’clock, my family and I blew the trumpet together. And at 1 a.m., we slept.
I woke up at 8 in the morning. So did my mom. I did the breakfast together with my beloved family. Then, I took the shower and I got ready for a trip to my sweet home, Bandung.  My family and I on the way to Bandung at 10 a.m. That was a bad traffic jam on my way to my home. So, my family and I arrived at our home at 2 p.m. When we arrived at home, we slept until 5 p.m. o’clock.
On 2nd of January 2017, I went to the dentist. I’ve waited for my consultation for an hour. Finally, I got my time for the consultation. But, I was a little annoyed. Because, my doctor had canceling to take off my bracket.
Then, my parents and I decided to visit one of the restaurant or café in Dago Pakar.  I visited the “Cocorico Café and Resto”. That café had a very beautiful view. And the main course of that café are so good for me. And, my parents and I on the way to our home at 11 p.m.
On the next day, 3rd of January 2017, my parents and I visited the tourist attraction in Lembang, called “Dusun Bambu”. Same as the “Cocorico Café and Resto”, Dusun Bambu had a beautiful scenery too. The scenery in that place was good for photographer. Beside that, Dusun Bambu had a lot of rides. Such as ATV, riding the horse, feeding the rabbit, and many more.
After we visited Dusun Bambu, we had lunch in “Kampung Daun Restaurant”. That place wasn’t far from Dusun Bambu. In that place, I ate nasi rawon, soerabi keju, and chocolate milkshake. Those are felt so delicious. We went back to our home at 5 p.m.
Last holiday, was a boring day but the memorable experience for me.  I was fun when only my parents and I visited the tourist attraction and resto.
Hopefully, 2017 is going to be my year! I mean, hopefully 2017 is better than 2016.          

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


R. A. Kartini

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              Raden Adjeng Kartini sometimes known as Raden Ayu Kartini, was born to a noble family on April 21, 1879, in the village of Mayong, Java, Indonesia. Raden Adjeng Kartini was a pioneer in the area of education for girls and women’s rights for Indonesians. She was also the journalist.

Image result for kartini              Kartini's father, Sosroningrat, became Regency Chief of Jepara. Kartini's father was originally the district chief of Mayong. Her mother, Ngasirah was the daughter of Madirono and a teacher of religion in Telukawur. Kartini was the fifth child and second eldest daughter in a family of eleven.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Kartini's parents arranged her marriage to Joyodiningrat, the Regency Chief of Rembang, who already had three wives. She was married on the 12th of November 1903. Her husband understood Kartini's aims and allowed her to establish a school for women in the east porch of the Rembang Regency Office complex.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
                        On 17 September 1904, Kartini died at the age of 25. She was buried in Bulu Village, Rembang. In 1964, President  Soekarno declared R.A. Kartini's birth date, 21 April, as 'Kartini Day' - an Indonesian national holiday. This decision has been criticised.                                                                                                                                                                     
                       After Raden Adjeng Kartini died, Mr J. H. Abendanon, the Minister for Culture, Religion and Industry in the East Indies, collected and published the letters that Kartini had sent to her friends in Europe. The book was titled " Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang " and was published in 1911.


Question :

1. When Kartini was died ?
   a. 12th of September 1904
   b. 12th of November 1906
   c. 17th of September 1904
   d. 17th of November 1906
   e. 12th of November 1905

2. Who was declared Kartini's birth date as 'Kartini Day' ?
   a. Presiden Soeharto
   b. Kartini's father
   c. Kartini
   d. Presiden Soekarno
   e. Mr. J. H. Abendanon

3. When the book "Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang" was published?
   a. 1910
   b. 1921
   c. 1901
   d. 1931
   e. 1911

4. Where Kartini was born ?
   a. in the village of  Mayong
   b. in the village of Rembang
   c. in the village of Telukawur
   d. in the village of Jepara
   e. in Bulu Village

5. Kartini's father was the regency chief of ...
   a. Rembang
   b. Jepara
   c. Mayong
   d. Batavia
   e. Telukawur